Management Plan Paper  This assignment requires you to write a 5-7 page manageme

Management Plan Paper This assignment requires you to write a 5-7 page management plan for the chosen anticrime/prevention program. Cover steps 1“5 on in Chapter 4 of the Vito & Higgins book. The management plan must describe the management approach for the previously-chosen anticrime/prevention program from the Evaluation Strategy Paper and the Evaluability Assessment Paper. The management plan paper continues to build on this same problem. You must address the following 5 issues: 1. Are the program objectives well-defined? 2. Are the program goals or objectives feasible? 3. Is the change process plausible? 4. Are the procedures for identifying the target population reaching them to deliver service and sustaining the service through completion well-defined or sufficient? 5. Are the resources allocate to the program and its various activities adequate? Assignment specifics: · 5-7 double-spaced pages of content not counting title page abstract or references. · The paper will be double spaced and use Times New Roman 12-point font. · There must be a separate title and reference page. · Citations from 5 scholarly sources must be used. · Citations will be in APA format. Textbook: Vito G. F. & Higgins G. E. (2015).Practical program evaluation for criminal justice. Waltham MA: Elsevier. ISBN: 9781455777709.

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