Learning Objectives Explain how time management plays a factor in goal setting,

Learning Objectives Explain how time management plays a factor in goal setting leading to short-term medium-term and long-term objectives Directions Review the worksheet below and fill in the blank sections to the best of your ability. Guidelines Phrase goals as positive statements: Affirm your excitement and enthusiasm about attaining a goal by using positive language and expectations. Be exacting: Set a precise goal that includes dates times and amounts so that you have a basis for measuring how closely you achieve your goals. Prioritize: Select your top goals and put them in order of importance. This helps you understandthe degree to which you value each of them. It will also help you better manage related tasks and not feel overwhelmed. Assume you are the captain of your ship: Identify goals that are linked toyour own performance notdependent onthe actions of other people or situations beyond your control. Be realistic but optimistic and ambitious: The goals you set should be achievable but sometimes it pays to reach a little higher than what you may think is possible. Certainly dont set your goals too low. Be hopeful excited and committed: Your enthusiasm and perseverance can open many doors! Examples of Long-Term Academic Goals I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My major will be Radio-Television-Film and my minor will be Spanish. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree with a major in international history. I plan to attain an associates degree in nursing (ADN). Examples of Medium-Term or Short-Term Academic Goals: I would like to study abroad in Spain before I graduate. I want to get involved in a service-learning project in my community as part of my preparation for eventualservice work. I plan to join the student government organization so that I can gain some experienceat the community college where I take classes part-time. Additional immediate goals might be applying for financial aid getting a part-time job taking a short leave of absence speaking with a counselor etc. You may wish to use an academic planning worksheet to help you identify courses and terms. Here is a sample from the Penn State Eberly College of Science: Blank Academic Plan.

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