Make sure you have read the “Economic Bill of Rights” posted under “Required Res

Make sure you have read the “Economic Bill of Rights” posted under “Required Resources.” The first page provides some background and the second page is the actual document, an excerpt from Franklin Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union. Prompt: Thomas Hobbes in his discussion of the social contract suggested that individuals agree to give up some rights in exchange for basic protection by a government. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, expand on the idea that the people are guaranteed certain rights. Consider the set of rights laid out by Franklin Roosevelt. Do you agree these rights are part of the proper role of government? Choose some examples where you agree or disagree. Which of these do you think is most significant today?___________You must post TWICE (5 points each): Your main response should be 2-3 well-developed paragraphs and should reflect an understanding of the document and the chapter. In your response, include at least two clear references to the document and at least one clear reference to the textbook. Include quotation marks for exact language and an in-text citation so these are clear. I welcome your opinions, but make sure you convince me you read the documents through clear references, short quotes, etc…
Requirements: 1 page

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