Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.I already wrote my draft which I will attach and I’m gonna attach the feedback in general for all students which can help to improve our final draft.The Scenario I chose:ASSIGNMENT: Choose one of the following scenarios, and produce the requested documents for one scenario only. Each scenario asks you to prepare a range of documents. Students are responsible for determining the appropriate genre (email, memo, business letter, etc.) as well as the content of those documents.SCENARIO 1: You are the technical manager of a large Internet design firm (100+ employees). One of your primary responsibilities is to manage a team of developers. Your unit’s primary goal is to build and deliver custom web applications and to update client websites. Due to the increase of information delivery via company intranets, your company has grown has grown considerably. About 8 months ago you hired a small start-up company, MaintainU, to perform routine maintenance for clients’ websites because you needed to focus more attention on the custom applications. MaintainU does not interact with your clients and they work as sub-contractors through your company. Your clients are not aware of this move and for now, you and Nathan Elder, your company president, want to keep it this way.The last several months you have had problems with MaintainU not paying attention to version dates. They have, on several occasions, made changes requested by clients, but they also uploaded old pages to the site.Having dealt with a number of complaints, the most recent two weeks ago, you had a long conversation with Jason Hughes, the president of MaintainU, that mistakes are not acceptable. Now, this morning, you receive an angry call from a client, Sheila Links at Gateway Industries, because an executive that was fired two months ago has been added back to the executive page. Gateway Industries was one of the first clients your firm ever signed. While the client is on the phone, the mistake is corrected, and you end up settin up a meeting for lunch next week.For the first 6 months or so, the relationship with MaintainU was great. At this point, you’re uncertain if you want to continue the relationship, but at the same time, you cannot afford to bring maintenance work back in-house. Apparently, the phone call to Jason wasn’t enough.DELIVERABLES: Based on the scenario above, your deliverables will be the following documents:document to the client, GatewayIndustries
document to MaintainU
document to the president, who is a micro-manager and likes to know everything that is going on
Please put all documents in ONE file.# After that answer the revision planning:Before you begin to revise for submission of the Project 1: Document Series FINAL draft, it’s good to think through what specific issues need to be addressed in your draft and consider all the topics discussed in the Collective Feedback File (CFF). To help you strategically plan your revision, please respond to the following questions:Identify an issue in the CFF that applies to your documents. How will you revise your documents to address this issue?
Is the purpose of each document sufficiently clear? Does the document continue to achieve it’s stated purpose throughout the entire text?
Is the content and tone of each document tailored to the specific needs of the target audience?
Describe why you chose the genre (letter, email, memo) you did for each correspondence. Given what you have learned since making that decision, do you still believe the genre you chose to be the right one for the job?
Double-check your format for each genre and document. Do you need to make revisions to format?
Look at the writing style you use in each document. Are your documents appropriate in tone? If you were the target audience, would you be satisfied with the document? What could you change to give the document a more effective tone?
Again, look at writing style in each document. What changes need to be made to make the document more concise? Do your paragraphs have clear topic sentences? Does each paragraph have one subject?
Requirements: short

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