Learning Goal: I’m working on a information technology writing question and need

Learning Goal: I’m working on a information technology writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.For this Homework you need to explain your answer clearly. When answering the Homework questions you do not need to rewrite the question only questions number. (if you used any Internet resources you need to have proper citation). Upload any Answer Document your Blackboard, if you answer on a paper or upload a Picture with your Answers you will get a ZERO. Failing to execute these instructions you will get a Zero. No submission after due date. Total Points for HW1 10 points.Two blue armies are each poised on opposite hills preparing to attack a single red army in the valley. The red army can defeat either of the blue armies separately but will fail to defeat both blue armies if they attack simultaneously. The blue armies communicate via an unreliable communications system (a foot soldier). The commander with one of the blue armies would like to attack at noon. His problem is this: If he sends a message to the other blue army, ordering the attack, he cannot be sure it will get through. He could ask for acknowledgment, but that might not get through. Is there a protocol that the two blue armies can use to avoid defeat? (5 Points)
A user on a UNIX host wants to transfer a 4000-byte text file to a Microsoft Windows host. To do this, he transfers the file by means of TFTP, using the netascii transfer mode. Even though the transfer was reported as being performed successfully, the Windows host reports the resulting file size is 4050 bytes, rather than the original 4000 bytes. Does this difference in the file size imply an error in the data transfer? Why or why not? (5 Points)
Requirements: 2pages

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