Assignment 4.1 (of no less than 400 words and not more than 600 words) directly

Assignment 4.1 (of no less than 400 words and not more than 600 words) directly into this forum by pasting (recommended) or typing your reply in the box below
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Read the following instructions carefully and address the tasks described (12 points):Compose a case study of a person who is experiencing a negative health outcome from too much stress caused by being overly angry or anxious. The case study can be completely fictitious or constructed from people you’ve encountered, but should not be identifiable to any particular person. Give a concise description of who the person is: gender, age, race/ethnicity, health status/habits, socioeconomic status, familial/social arrangements, and anything else you feel is important to include.
Be sure to define the person’s presenting health issue and a brief description of how it will progress if left untreated.
Describe the stressors in this person’s life, emotions the person is feeling from them, behavioral reactions to them, and how it all translates into the negative health outcome.
Next, determine your role in this person’s life as a practitioner in either the field of public health or health care; explain your chosen occupation in a sentence or two. You may base your assignment on your own past, current, or prospective positions in these fields. From this professional point of view:Formulate a problem list, identify the most relevant one for you to address in your position, and use it to design an intervention for this client; depending on your scope of practice, the intervention will either be provided on an individual basis directly to the client or to the client as part of a target population.
However you decide to design and implement your action plan, the goal of the intervention should be to reduce anger or anxiety in your individual client.
Your action plan must include at least one measurable objective for you (“The [professional] will…”) and one for your client (“The client will…”) that will help you determine the intervention’s effectiveness. Be sure to have read “HINT on Measurable Objectives for assignment 4.1” and use the templates therein,
You may use the textbook chapters 7 & 8 and any additional resources from PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS on PubMed or in this module that you choose. There is no limit to how many sources you may use in your assignment. Include a list of references cited following APA Style.
Requirements: 15 munts

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