Hello,PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY! KEY POINTS ON GRADING.I am looking for help with m

Hello,PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY! KEY POINTS ON GRADING.I am looking for help with my Current Issues in Corporate Law and Ethics homework- on site McGraw-Hill. Work may include interactive assignments consisting of multiple choice, interactive decision-making, and true and false questions. First, the weekly assignments are not timed, thus you do not need to complete the assignment all in one sitting. You can start and stop as much or as little as you like; the only requirement is that you finish the assignment by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Assignments not completed by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday will automatically submit with current score of that assignment. Second, I allow you two attempts on the weekly Connect assignments BUT PLEASE TRY NOT TO TAKE THE SECOND ATTEMPT BECAUSE I WILL LOSE 10%. Third, please familiarize yourself with percentage deductions for using “hints” and taking the second attempt. Both will reduce your score, but in different ways. I outline that information in each week’s Checklist. Also, note MH has not created “hints” for every question. In fact, my understanding is that MH created relatively few hints for this course. Only questions for which MH created hints will have the “hint” function available. So, Therefore, I recently discovered an interesting workaround that allows you to work on your weekly assignment with the ebook open, all the while not losing points for a book hint. Connect does not allow you to open two separate windows of Connect, but it does let you know two separate browsers of Connect. So, just do this: Open Connect in one browser, say Google Chrome, then open Connect in another browser, say, Mozilla Firefox. You can then use the ebook in Costionnnect in one browser while working on your assignment in the other browser. You don’t lose any points for this, either.Lastly, I will provide the book info after accepted.
Requirements: 10   |   .doc file

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