Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.Statistical analysis in quantitative research yields results about validity that can be calculated mathematically depending upon sample size relative to the population. Qualitative research does not lend itself to such mathematical determination of validity. Qualitative research is not intended to give “statistically significant” results; rather it is highly focused on providing descriptive and/or exploratory results. However, this does not relieve the qualitative researcher from designing studies that are rigorous and high in “trustworthiness,” often the word used to describe validity in a qualitative study.There is no agreed upon set of criteria for ensuring a “valid” qualitative study, but there are a number of models of quality criteria. After reading Chapter 9 from Merriam & Tisdell (2016) discuss what criteria you feel are most useful for the study you are designing in this course, and why. You may use any of your other reading assignments in this course or other sources to develop your answer (this week’s recommended articles are a good source of information). In your responses to your classmates, discuss why or why not you think that their plans for trustworthiness are sufficient. What would you add? Post should be at least 400 words.
Requirements: 400 words

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