There are 2 parts with different due dates Part 1: DUE 9/2/2021 In Chapter 2 of

There are 2 parts with different due dates Part 1: DUE 9/2/2021 In Chapter 2 of Shaping the Story, Mark Baechtel observes that “The reader’s mind is the writer’s partner…” (p. 25). The ideas you bring to your writing are inextricably tied to your audience, since you will be constantly keeping them in mind as you write. In what ways can fiction affect its readers, and how do established writers use creative writing elements to impact their audiences? For this Discussion, you will examine elements of short stories to prepare you to begin your own short story, keeping your readers in mind. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the assigned portions of Part I introduction and Chapter 1 in Shaping the Story, and begin to think about where your story will come from and what will make it a story.
Review the following short stories: Sarah Cornwell, “Pretty Little Things” in in Shaping the Story.
James Joyce, “Araby”
Consider the various definitions of a “story” presented in these readings. How do these definitions relate to your own understanding of what a story is?
Think about an author’s reasons for telling the story.
What type of story is the author telling?
With these thoughts in mind: Post 1 to 2 paragraphs describing the short story elements in each story. Be sure to include answers to the following questions: Where does the arc of the story occur?
How is the story intended to affect the reader?
Be sure to cite at least one example from the text readings to support your answer.
Part 2: DUE 9/4/2021 Each weekly Assignment will contribute to your Final Project short story, which will be due on Day 7 of Week 5. The outline will be the first step of the writing process used to develop your short story for your Final Project. You will apply what you have learned about the elements of creative writing to begin your own short story, and you will need at least two days to complete this assignment. For this week’s Assignment, you will be creating a short story outline and the opening scene. Questions about this assignment? Post them in the Contact the Instructor area on the left navigation bar. That way, everyone in the class will see, and benefit from, the Instructor’s response. To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Final Project Introduction and Overview document in the Learning Resources.
Review the assigned portions of Part I, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 in Shaping the Story.
In preparation for beginning your short story, consider the following questions:What type of short story do you want to tell?
What kind of introduction do you want your story to include?
Which genre characteristics will your story include?
Reflect on questions you might ask yourself in order to put yourself in the place of the reader.
Complete “Progressive Writing Exercise #1: The Story Cloud Diagram” on page 16 of Shaping the Story.Decide which components of each “Story Cloud” to use for your short story.
Once you have a direction that your story will take, use it as a base to complete the Day 1 and Day 2 parts of the “Progressive Writing Exercise #2: Writing Your Opening Scene” on page 26 in Shaping the Story.
The assignment: Part 1: Develop a 1-page outline of your short story. Part 2: Complete the “Progressive Writing Exercise #2” on page 26 of Shaping the Story and write a 1-page opening scene for your short story. You will need at least two days to complete this assignment.
Requirements: as noted above

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