Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications practice test / quiz and need sup

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications practice test / quiz and need support to help me learn.Choose the write answerQ1- If I were giving a speech on Albert Einstein I would likely make my first point about his early life, then his middle life before my third point talks about his later life. Which of the following organizational patterns best fits this description?Group of answer choices1-Spacial ( )2-Topical ( )3-Causal ( )Q2-The “N” appears in both INTRO and DONE. What does it stand for?Group of answer choicesNumeration ( )Need. ( )Name. ( )Q3-Oliver is giving a speech and offers the following intro.”Hi, my name is Oliver and today I will be discussing Time Lords. Time Lords are a very important part of culture because the television show Doctor Who, which is about a time lord, is one of the most watched shows in history. I am personally a huge fan of Doctor Who and so know a ton about time lords plus I have done a large amount of research. Today we will discuss the origins of time lords, what they are, and what is happening with them now.”Considering INTRO… what is missing?Group of answer choicesNeed. ( )Overview. ( )Thesis. ( )Interest. ( )None of these ( )Chronological ( )Q 4 -What type of outline is best when constructing speaking notes?Group of answer choicesPhrase. ( )No notes is best. ( )Manuscript. ( )Full Sentence. ( )Q5-What style of outline is best to use while constructing your talk?Group of answer choicesWordPhraseFull SentenceManuscriptQ6-Alice has outlined her speeches body and is now focusing on the intro. She has a few ideas for an opening/hook. Which of the following is likely the strongest choice?Group of answer choicesQuestion ( )Statistic. ( )Off topic joke ( )Narrative/story. ( )Q7-The concept of “completing the circle” is referring to what part of the speech?Group of answer choicesIntro ( )Transitions. ( )Conclusion. ( )Body. ( )Q8-What type of outline is best for speaking notes?Group of answer choicesNotes are for the weak. ( )Full Sentence. ( )Manuscript. ( )Word. ( )Q9-When constructing a speech you should always start at the beginning with the intro.Group of answer choicesTrue ( )False ( )Q10- I should always thank my audience at the end of my speech.Group of answer choicesTrue ( )False ( )
Requirements: no words count needed

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