Introduction (aprox. 100 words)What is democracy? [Note, refer to the modern ver

Introduction (aprox. 100 words)What is democracy? [Note, refer to the modern version only, representative democracy. Use one of the textbooks available in the suggested list of sources (My Assessments-Portfolio). Do not copy the slides. [The slides are not an acceptable source]
Describe briefly the democracy you will be focusing on. For instance, mention its type of government, and who is the current Head of Government and/or Head of State?[1]
Provide a brief description of the content of the main body—this is often called the ‘map’ of the essay.
Main body (aprox. 500 words)Discuss how this democracy works, make sure to cover the following aspects:Elections: Why are elections important in democracies?
Provide some information about elections in your chosen country. For instance, who is eligible to vote in this country? How often are national elections held? What is the trend in voter turnout in this country?
What are some suggestions to help increase voter turnout in national elections? Give examples from your country.
Beyond elections:In what other ways can citizens influence their government besides elections?
Describe one of these ways and discuss its advantages for democracy (eg., referendums, social movements, or interest groups).
Identify an example from your country of focus and briefly describe what it was about.
Conclusion (approx. 100)Summarize the content of the main body
Requirements: 700

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